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More Sales, Better Service, Higher Profits, Improved Customer Experience, Better Customer Results Helping you improve Sales and Service interactions involving Field Personnel, Store/Branch/Office, Contact Center, eCommerce, Social Media, Channel Partners, Instant Messaging, Email, SMS Text, Video, Mobile Infrastructure and Applications, Analytics And Performance Measurement. Providing Project Leaders, Quality  Leaders, Program Managers, Business and Process Analysts, Technology Professionals and Innovative Technology Solutions to improve your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service results and committed to three principles: 

sales and service drives SUCCESS

Product and operational leadership are important but long term sustainable growth comes from Sales and Service Excellence.

Customer Results helps our clients improve revenue and profitability through improved multichanel sales and service interactions including Contact Center, Field, Store/Branch, Channel Partners, eCommerce, Instant Messaging, Email, SMS Text and now  the emerging Social Media Channels and the growing influence of glopbal, distributed and mobile workers.

The competititve edge to be gained from your core sales and service technology solution commitments (Salesforce.com, Oracle/Siebel, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Aspect etc) is limited to whether you use them and whether you use them well (a non trivial statement in its own right which we can help with). Everyone has these solutions today and the functional differences are not that great.

Real competitive edge comes from the use of new channels, improved operations in existing channels, the "extra point technology solutions" you add to your core technology decisions, innovative uses of technology and the operational financial benefits that come from new and emerging "Cool and Best Of Breed" technology solutions that evolve to compete with and complement the established solutions vendors.

Our midsized clients ($30m - $1b in revenues) are those that appreciate and leverage these new channels and new technologies to becomethe Global 500 of tomorrow.

Formal Analytics & APPROACHES

Customer Results believes that if you cannot justify it and pay for it you cannot do it, that if you cannot explain the justification and demonstrate a plan to realize the benefits then the program should never be executed and if you cannot reliably execute the plan then you shouldn't bother in the first place.

Strategy, planning, execution and post implementation optimization and support all require proven process based approaches and analytics to be successful. Customer Results can help you with all of these.

We are specialists at helping our clients understand the financial and operational benefits associated with given initiatives, bringing new ideas to our clients they may not have considered,

Customer Results helps our clients examine existing operations, applications and infrastructure functionality, capability, technology and budgets to create money to pay for the sales and service improvements you need to grow and win your competitive race.

We often find budget reduction opportunities of 20%+ in existing spend which can be reassigned to drive increased revenue and profitability.

"Results Matter" whether you are a major company, a non-profit or a new startup and Customer Results delivers.

The nimblest, most innovative and exciting companies are in the midsized market ($30m - $1b in revenues). These are the Global 500 members of 20 years from now. The companies that appreciate how new channels and new approaches can be leveraged to drive growth and success. The ones that understand the term "Innovate or Die", changing their industries with the talent and flexibility to make decisions and execute.

There are larger and smaller compnies who act like these companies and Customer Results works with those companies but our spirit is in teh mid market.

Customer Results tends not to create formal partnerships with the major incumbent technology solution providers.  because we want to ensure we represent you our client. We perform optimization consulting around these "core" technologies like SFDC, Oracle/Siebel, SAP, MS Dynamics, Genesys, Cisco, Avaya and Aspect to create better business and financial models around these incumbent solutions.

Customer Results specializes in partnering with new and emerging but impactful technology providers and being a "partner of partners" of the largest market leading sales and service solutions so we can bring the execution capacity and capability you need whle not creating bias in our recommendations. Occasionally we present innovative new technology solution that have arisen as replacements for the major providers to provide a better functional, technological or cost effective solutions for you.

Customer Results brings a large network of professional resources to help you maximize your return on investment. Whether focused on Sales and Marketing Representation, Strategy and Planning, Solution Definition, Solution / Vendor Selection, Program or Project Management or post-sales Customer Relationship Management we can help you All our employees and partners must commit to our service philosophy, approaches, standards and service ethics.

Because Results Matter